Call for Proposal to Host NAPS 2025

The North American Power Symposium (NAPS) steering committee invites proposals to host NAPS 2025. This is a two-step process where the application needs to be submitted to the NAPS 2025 site selection committee. The site selection committee will do a preliminary selection and will invite NAPS 2025 hosting candidates to present their proposal at the NAPS steering committee meeting on Sunday, October 9th, during the 54th NAPS.

About NAPS

NAPS has been a very active symposium since its inception in 1969 as the Midwest Power Symposium and later renamed as North American Power Symposium in 1986. NAPS has been held annually at one of the universities in North America to provide an international open forum for participants from academia and industry. Student participation is the gem of this symposium leading to graduate and undergraduate student interactions with their peers in other universities as well as the exchange of knowledge with faculty and industry. Since students are at the core of any research, their development and interaction enhances opportunities for novel research ideas, which is encouraged in the symposium through the student paper competition awards.

Selection Criteria

  • Sustained participation in previous NAPS
  • Time since last hosting NAPS
  • Plans to maintain low registration costs
  • Plans to support student participation
  • Evidence of long-term interest in power
  • Need for exposure
  • Quality of facilities

Proposal Submission

Please send your proposal, in the form of slides, via email to the co-chairs of the organizing committee of the 54th NAPS:

Mostafa Sahraei-Ardakani:

Mingxi Liu:

Prior and Future NAPS Locations

Coming soon!