The format of the technical program is oral presentation. Each presenter has 15 minutes to present the paper and 3 minutes for Q&A.

Monday, October 10th
09:45-11:15 Session 1A: Electrified Transportation (Session Chair: Dr. Cathy Liu, Room: Alpine)
2290 Jorge Fernandez, Kartik Sastry, Santiago Grijalva, Michael Leamy, David Taylor and Thomas Fuller. Sequential Energy Scheduling Approach to Support Decentralized Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles
4056 Kenji Santacruz and Yuanrui Sang. Environmentally Aware Allocation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations by Analyzing Locational Marginal Emissions
7660 Pranoy Roy, Bora Karayaka, John Hildreth and Catherine Peele. Operational Cost Optimization for a Ferry Electrification Case Study
8525 Priti Paudyal, Rishabh Jain, Matthew Moniot and Andrew Thibeault. A Framework to Evaluate the Grid Impacts of EV Fleet Charging Solutions
5548 Antonio Avila and Paras Mandal. Optimal Centralized Charging Station With Demand Response System for Commercial EVs
Session 1B: Power Systems Education (Session Chair: Dr. Allen Morinec, Room: Bonneville)
5545 Gordon North Piegan, Rachid Darbali-Zamora and Jon Berg. Development and Validation of a Wind Turbine Generator Simulation Model
3298 Gerald Heydt. The Meaning, Analysis, and Consequences of Negative Frequency in Electric Power Systems
1916 Harpreet Kaur, David Williams, Allen Morinec, Aishwarya Gandhi and Russel Laganzon. Preparing to Teach IEC 61850 Digital Substations: A Laboratory Approach
3914 Sam Hassak, Aaron St. Leger, Hyungseon Oh and Daniel Opila. Implementing a PMU Based Linear State Estimator on a Single Board Computer
6551 Venkateswaran Lakshminarayanan, Chathura Patabandi and Om Nayak. HIL Validation of Power Plant Controller Model
Session 1C: Cybersecurity (Session Chair: Dr. Prakash Ranganathan, Room: City Creek)
1515 Joseph Keller, Shuva Paul, Santiago Grijalva and Vincent Mooney. Experimental Setup for Grid Control Device Software Updates in Supply Chain Cyber-Security
5115 Niroop Sugunaraj, James Vrtis, Jared Snyder and Prakash Ranganathan. False Data Injection Modeling & Detection for Phasor Measurement Units
4733 Mohannad Alkhraijah, Rachel Harris, Samuel Litchfield, David Huggins and Daniel Molzahn. Analyzing Malicious Data Injection Attacks on Distributed Optimal Power Flow Algorithms
7604 Zhengrong Chen, Siyao Cai, Zan Yang and A. P. Sakis Meliopoulos. Robust Optimization Method for Consumer-Oriented Load Management under Real-Time Pricing Integrity Attack
6199 Md Abul Hasnat and Mia Naeini. Learning Power System’s Graph Signals for Cyber and Physical Stress Classification
Session 1D: Power Systems Resilience (Session Chair: Dr. Zongjie Wang, Room: Granite North)
1412 Omid Mirzapour, Farshad Mohammadi and Mostafa Sahraei-Ardakani. Multidimensional Scenario Selection for Power Systems with Lines and Generations Outages
2744 Maeshal Hijazi and Payman Dehghanian. Spatio-Temporal Insights into Recent Electricity Outages in the U.S.: Drivers, Trends, and Impacts
7701 Amirhossein Nazeri, Roghieh Biroon, Jan Westman, Pierluigi Pisu and Ramtin Hadidi. Machine Learning-assisted Energy Management System in an Islanded Microgrid with Resiliency Investigation against Cyber-Physical Attacks
6767 Maureen Golan and Javad Mohammadi. Mapping Disruption Sources in the Power Grid and Implications for Resilience
5764 Luis Ramirez-Burgueno, Yuanrui Sang and Nayda Santiago. Improving Power System Resilience through Decentralized Decision-Making
Session 1E: Electricity Markets (Session Chair: Dr. Josue Campos do Prado, Room: Granite South)
8262 Mohammad Mousavi, Lisa Qi, Alexander Brissette and Meng Wu. EV Charging Station Wholesale Market Participation: A Strategic Bidding and Pricing Approach
2234 Saima Ishaq, Tanveer Hussain and Sheroze Liaquat. Analysis and Review of the Market Operations of PJM under Deregulation Framework
2927 Thad Haines, Rachid Darbli-Zamora, Miguel Jiménez-Aparicio and Felipe Wilches-Bernal. The Impact of Co-Located Clusters of Inverter-Based Resources on a Performance-Based Regulation Market Metric
8192 Josue Campos Do Prado and Ilahe Hamidivadeghani. A Multi-CVaR Approach for Optimal Wind Power Trading and Virtual Bidding in Wholesale Electricity Markets
4841 Wenlei Bai, Fernando Lezama and Kwang Lee. Optimal Trading in Local Electricity Market Based on an Enhanced Evolutionary Algorithm with Distribution Estimation
8244 Li He and Jie Zhang. Privacy-preserving Local Electricity Market: A Federated Learning-based Case Study
11:30-13:00 Session 2A: Power Systems Operation (Session Chair: Dr. Farnaz Safdarian, Room:Alpine)
696 Mohammed Alqahtani, Zhixin Miao and Lingling Fan. MIP Formulation for Type-III Wind Turbines Considering Control Limits
9081 Trishant Roy, Aryyama K. Jana and Kory W. Hedman. Optimization of Aggregated Energy Resources using Sequential Decision Making
6965 Thuan Pham and Xingpeng Li. Reduced Optimal Power Flow Using Graph Neural Network
6041 Cunzhi Zhao and Xingpeng Li. An Alternative Method for Solving Security-Constrained Unit Commitment with Neural Network Based Battery Degradation Model
Session 2B: Demand Response (Session Chair: Dr. Yuanrui Sang, Room: Bonneville)
1597 Nasrin Bayat. Particle Swarm Optimization Based Demand Response Using Artificial Neural Network Based Load Prediction
2445 Muhammed Rahim. Modeling Aspects of Controllable Load Resources in Bitcoin Mining Applications
1103 Luis Fernando Enriquez-Contreras, A S M Jahid Hasan, Jubair Yusuf, Jacqueline Garrido and Sadrul Ula. Microgrid Demand Response: A Comparison of Simulated and Real Results
4434 Sameer Sabir, Sousso Kelouwani, Sayed Saeed Hosseini, Nilson Henao, Michael Fournier and Kodjo Agbossou. A Bid Selection Model for Computational Cost Reduction of Transactive Energy Aggregator in Smart Grids
6015 Harry Wang and Mahdi Rouholamini. Emission Aware Demand Response for Decarbonization: Opportunity and Responsibility of Young Generations
Session 2C: Power Systems Modeling (Session Chair: Dr. Aaron St. Leger, Room: City Creek)
1989 John Penaranda and Adam Birchfield. Application and Parameter Sensitivities of a State-Space Cold Load Pickup Model for a Synthetic Restoration Test Case
3942 Jay Sawant, Rishabh Jain and Kazunori Nagasawa. Fuel Cell Stack Model for Real-Time Simulation of Grid-Connected Applications
5110 Issam Boukabou, Landon Foust, Selma Benouadah, Dulana Rupanetti, Jordan Wolf and Naima Kaabouch. Electric Field Around Extra-High Voltage Transmission Lines for UAS Powerline Inspection
4101 Mingyue He and Mojdeh Khorsand. Residential Appliance-level Consumption Modeling and Forecasting via Conditional Hidden Semi-Markov Model
1391 Daniil Slutskiy, San Htet Aung and Saurav Basnet. Comparison of Axial and Radial Flux Permanent Magnet Machines
Session 2D: Big Data and Machine Learning Applications in Power Systems (Session Chair: Dr. Gerald Heydt, Room: Granite North)
7761 Seyed Mahdi Miraftabzadeh, Michela Longo, Morris Brenna and Marco Pasetti. Data-Driven Model for PV Power Generation Patterns Extraction via Unsupervised Machine Learning Methods
4642 Chuang Qi and Xiaozhe Wang. Compartive Study of Data-Driven Dynamic Load Model Identification Methods Based on Simulated and Actual PMU Data
8239 Timothy Thacker and Héctor Pulgar-Painemal. Improved primary frequency response through deep reinforcement learning
9082 Amjad Jebril Ali and Long Zhao. Solar Spectral Irradiance Analysis and Modeling: A Case Study in The Black Hills Area
8511 Jennifer Roger, William Danilczyk, Hui Lin and Yan Lindsay Sun. Learning from Future: Prediction-based Data Augmentation to Enhance Power Grids Fault Detection
Session 2E: Renewable Energy Systems I (Session Chair: Dr. Kyri Baker, Room: Granite South)
566 Jin Lu and Xingpeng Li. The Benefits of Hydrogen Energy Transmission and Conversion Systems to the Renewable Power Grids: Day-ahead Unit Commitment
5060 Fatemeh Rahmani, Mark Alan Robinson and M.R Barzegaran. Cool Coating Impacts on Power Efficiency, Energy Performance, and Durability of Solar Modules
6393 Sina Ibne Ahmed, Hossein Salehfar and Daisy Flora Selvaraj. Grid Integration of PV Based Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: A Brief Review
1218 Naveen Kumar Kodanda Pani, Shravani Konka and Linquan Bai. A VIKORs Method-Based Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for Energy Storage System Selection for Wave Energy
3016 Dylan Miley, Abdelrahman Mannan, Nicholas David and Anne Kimber. Energy adequacy analysis simulation for renewable energy systems
8644 Shah Mohazzem Hossain and Sukumar Brahma. Resolving Sub-Cycle Overvoltage Issue in Solar Farms
14:00 - 15:30 Session 3A: Power Systems Reliability (Session Chair: Dr. Visvakumar Aravinthan, Room: Alpine)
8929 Deepak Pandit, Nga Nguyen and Joydeep Mitra. Reliability of EV-Integrated Systems Considering Inertia and Primary Frequency Regulation
4088 Hamzeh Davarikia, Faycal Znidi, Masoud Barati and Heena Rathore. A New Index based on Power Splitting Indices for Predicting Proper Time of Controlled Islanding
9661 Ruotan Zhang, Yifu Li, Maeshal Hijazi, Jinshun Su and Payman Dehghanian. Machine Learning-Aided Enhancement of Power Grid Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulse Strikes
619 Arif Sarwat, F. Patrick McCluskey, Sudip K. Mazumder, Miles Russell, Sukanta Roy, Shahid Tufail, Shamini Dharmasena and Alexander Stevenson. Reliability Assessment of Grid Connected Solar Inverters in 1.4 MW PV Plant from Anomalous Classified Real Field Data
7705 Tuna Yildiz and Ali Abur. Improved Line Outage Detection in Transmission Systems with Few PMUs
Session 3B: Microgrids I (Session Chair: Dr. Pierluigi Pisu, Room: Bonneville)
7395 Onur Toker and Mohammad Reza Khalghani. Cyber Anomaly Detection Design for Microgrids using an Artificial Intelligent-Based Method
4681 Sumedh Puradbhat, Debasmita Das, Pranav Balasubramanian, Hossein Ghassempour Aghamolki and Qiang Fu. A Framework for Performance Comparison of Microgrid Economic Dispatch Techniques
3784 Saleh Dinkhah and Maryam Khanbaghi. A Modified Droop Control Scheme for Energy Management of an Islanded Microgrid with Commercial Loads
207 Hadis Hosseinpour, Mohammad Mansourlakouraj, Mohammed Ben-Idris and Hanif Livani. Lyapunov-based Large-signal Stability Analysis of Inverter-based Microgrids
521 Charlotte Wertz, Aidan Smit, Isobel Baetz, Sheng Qu, Brenden Rappazzo, Sanjeev Pannala, Noel Schulz, Phillip North, William Carson and Alex Chorey. Renewable Energy Resources Connected Utility Microgrid for the Tulalip Tribes
Session 3C: Power Systems Dynamics (Session Chair: Dr. Hector Pulgar, Room: City Creek)
3344 Erlan Murillo and Arturo Román-Messina. An energy ratio approach to the analysis of forced oscillations in power grids
9322 Abdullah Alassaf and Lingling Fan. Dynamic Model Identification via Hankel Matrix Fitting: Synchronous Generators and IBRs
9375 Roghieh Abdollahi Biroon. Load Flow Based Power System Nonlinear Dynamic Model for Frequency Regulation
6540 Fatemeh Sharifi, Ali Mehrizi-Sani and Kambiz Tehrani. Parameter Estimation of Transient Voltage Signals with an Unscented Kalman Filter
3084 Sebastian Martinez-Lizana and Hector Pulgar-Painemal. Further Advances on Discrete Electromechanical Oscillation Control
Session 3D: Impacts of Natural Disasters on the Power Grid (Session Chair: Dr. Gaby Ou, Room: Granite North)
2528 Michael Abdelmalak, Hadis Hosseinpour, Eliza Hotchkiss and Mohammed Ben-Idris. Post-Disaster Generation Dispatching for Enhanced Resilience: A Multi-Agent Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient Learning Approach
5311 Augusto Zanin Bertoletti and Josue Campos Do Prado. Transmission System Expansion Planning under Wildfire Risk
2968 Fatemehalsadat Jafarishiadeh, Xiao Zhu, Mostafa Sahraei-Ardakani and Ge Ou. Power Outage Prediction using Hurricane Forecast
4690 Jessica Wert, Pooria Dehghanian, Jonathan M. Snodgrass and Thomas Overbye. The Effects of Correctly Modeling Generator Step-Up Transformer Status in Geomagnetic Disturbance Studies
8189 Giritharan Vijay Iswaran, Ramin Vakili and Mojdeh Khorsand. Power System Resiliency Against Windstorms: A Systematic Approach Incorporating Dynamic and Steady-State Analysis
3945 Xiao Zhu, Ge Ou, Fatemehalsadat Jafarishiadeh and Mostafa Sahraei-Ardakani. A Data Generation Engine and Workflow for Power Network Damage and Loss Estimation under Hurricane
Session 3E: Power Systems Protection (Session Chair: Dr. Sukumar Brahma, Room: Granite South)
3804 Ronald Matthews, Trupal Patel, Adam Summers and Matthew Reno. A Graph Theory Approach for Placing Overcurrent Relays and Reclosers for Economical Protection of Meshed Transmission Networks
468 Siyao Cai, Zhengrong Chen, Zan Yang, A.P. Sakis Meliopoulos, Gad Ilunga and Glenn Wilson. Modeling and Protection of Real-world PV Integrated Distribution System
1378 Landon Foust, Issam Boukabou, Selma Benouadah, Dulana Rupanetti and Naima Kaabouch. UAS Safe Distance due to Magnetic Field of Extra High Voltage Transmission Lines During a Phase-to-Phase Short Circuit
4454 Sergio A. Dorado-Rojas, Luigi Vanfretti, Xiawen Li, Micah J. Till, Kevin D. Jones and Matthew Gardner. Hardware-in-the-Loop Protection Validation for Dominion Energy Blackstart Operations
9145 Miguel Jimenez Aparicio, Matthew J Reno and Felipe Wilches Bernal. Shapley Additive Explanations for Traveling Wave-based Protection on Distribution Systems
2462 Ronald Matthews, Trupal Patel, Adam Summers and Matthew Reno. Optimal Coordination of Distance and Overcurrent Relays with Sparse Placement
15:45 - 17:15 Session 4A: Deep Learning Applications in Power Systems (Session Chair: Dr. Zongjie Wang, Room: Alpine)
9552 Ling Zhang and Baosen Zhang. Learning to Solve the AC Optimal Power Flow via a Lagrangian Approach
9078 Mingjian Tuo and Xingpeng Li. Deep Learning based Security-Constrained Unit Commitment Considering Locational Frequency Stability in Low-Inertia Power Systems
9724 Salman Shuvo, Maidul Islam and Yasin Yilmaz. DROP: Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Optimal Perturbation for MPPT in Wind Energy
5299 Rabin Dhakal, Mohammad Yosofvand, Sudip Prasai, Ashish Sedai, Suhas Pol, Siva Parameswaran and Hanna Moussa. Deep Learning Model with Probability Density Function and Feature Engineering for Short Term Wind Speed Prediction
6950 William Hughes and Wei Zhang. Physics-Informed Deep Learning for Transmission Tower Response under Wind Loading
Session 4B: State Estimation (Session Chair: Dr. Rajasekhar Anguluri, Room: Bonneville)
6282 Arthur Barnes, Sarbajit Basu and Adam Mate. Dynamic State Estimation-Based Protection for Induction Motor Loads
3551 Sepideh Radhoush. Simultaneous State Estimation and Bad Data Detection on PMU Measurements in Active Distribution Power Networks
3452 Ugur Yilmaz and Ali Abur. A General State Estimation Formulation for Three-Phase Unbalanced Power Systems
1203 Rajasekhar Anguluri, Lalitha Sankar and Oliver Kosut. Parameter Estimation in Ill-conditioned Low-inertia Power Systems
6221 Milos Katanic, John Lygeros and Gabriela Hug. Moving-Horizon State Estimation for Power Networks and Synchronous Generators
Session 4C: Energy Systems Integration (Session Chair: Dr. Bora Karayaka, Room: City Creek)
5604 Gerald Thomas Heydt. A Concept for a Large Scale Desalination Project and its Impact on the Regional Electric Power System
9028 Lindsey McGregor, Lyle Pressley, Faisal Alrumman, John Kiger and H. Bora Karayaka. Cost Optimization of a Hybrid Generation Framework with Small Modular Nuclear Reactors, Renewables, and Battery Storage
4330 Jesus Silva-Rodriguez and Xingpeng Li. Centralized Networked Micro Water-Energy Nexus with Proportional Exchange Among Participants
8564 Kendall Baertlein, Anna Pyle and Kyri Baker. Solar and Battery Sizing for Continuous Operation of Electrified Ethylene Plants
4234 Yasmine Abdennadher, Julia Lindberg, Bernard Lesieutre and Line Roald. Carbon Efficient Placement of Data Center Locations
Session 4D: Microgrids II (Session Chair: Dr. Mojdeh Khorsand- Hedman, Room: Granite North)
7156 Ganesh Marasini, Zhihua Qu, Soumyadeep Nag and Ying Xu. Impacts of Choices of Voltage Feedback on Distributed Secondary Control of AC Microgrids
3232 Tambiara Tabassum, Vishal Verma, Anusha Kandula and Mohammad Reza Khalghani. Distributed Secondary Control of Inverter Based Microgrids: Bi-Directional Communications
4960 Tambiara Tabassum, Onur Toker and Mohammad Reza Khalghani. A Secure H∞ based Load Frequency Control for Microgrid under Time-Delay Switch Attacks
529 Felipe Wilches-Bernal, Rachid Darbali-Zamora, Brian T. Naughton and Jack D. Flicker. Model Characterization and Frequency Regulation in Wind-Diesel Hybrid Microgrids
3963 Elijah Silva, Olga Lavrova and Mike Ropp. Protection Elements for Self-Healing Microgrids Using Only Local Measurements
5919 Soham Chakraborty, Arnab Dey and Murti V. Salapaka. Cyber-secured Microgrid Operation for Enhancing Resiliency Against False Data Injection
Session 4E: Power Systems Dynamics, Stability, and Protection (Session Chair: Dr. Nga Nguyen, Room: Granite South)
487 Zikai Xu and John Pierre. Cramer-Rao Lower Bound for Forced Oscillations under Independent Multi-channel PMU measurements in Power Systems
9603 Umbereen Bano Sayyeda, Mehrdad Ghandhari and Robert Eriksson. A Comparative Analysis Of Techniques For Real-Time Transient Stability Assessment
5498 Venkatanaga Amrusha Aryasomyajula, Nikolaos Gatsis and Ahmad Taha. Power Systems Dynamic State Estimation Based on Discretized Nonlinear Differential Algebraic Equation Models
8325 Jitendra Thapa, Matthew Egan and Mohammed Benidris. Machine Learning Based Fault Location Detection with the Application of RTDS
2002 Prabin Adhikari, Sukumar Brahma and Phani Harsha Gadde. Source-Agnostic Time-Domain Distance Relay
6191 Munim Bin Gani and Sukumar Brahma. A Closed-Form Mathematical Model and Method for Fast Fault Location on a Low Voltage dc Feeder Using Single-Ended Measurements
Tuesday, October 11th
9:00 - 10:30 Session 5A: Flexible Transmission (Session Chair: Dr. Sogol Babaeinejadsarookolaee, Room: Alpine)
3692 Xinyang Rui, Mingxi Liu, Mostafa Sahraei-Ardakani and Thomas R. Nudell. ADMM-Based Distributed DC Optimal Power Flow with Power Flow Control
2456 Eduardo Castillo Fatule, Yuanrui Sang and Jose Espiritu. Analyzing the Effects of Line Switching Protocols on Multi-Objective D-FACTS Allocation Optimization
234 Luis Ramirez-Burgueno and Yuanrui Sang. Improving the Computational Efficiency of Optimal Transmission Switching Problems
7293 Thomas Lee, Vineet Jagadeesan Nair and Andy Sun. Impacts of Dynamic Line Ratings on the ERCOT Transmission System
3073 Sogol Babaeinejadsarookolaee, Byungkwon Park, Bernard Lesieutre and Christopher DeMarco. Effective Congestion Management via Network Topology Optimization Based on Node-Breaker Representations
Session 5B: Power Distribution Networks (Session Chair: Dr. Sumit Paudyal, Room: Bonneville)
2845 Yiming Chen, Santiago Grijalva, Lukas Graber and Younes Seyedi. Techno-Economical Assessment of AC and DC Power Distribution Architectures for Data Centers
9120 Naihao Shi, Rui Cheng, Qianzhi Zhang and Zhaoyu Wang. Analyzing Impact of BESS Allocation on Hosting Capacity in Distribution Networks
5225 Shravan Kumar Akula, Salehfar Hossein and Shayan Behzadirafi. Comparision of Traditional and Fuzzy Failure Mode and Effects Analysis for Smart Grid Electrical Distribution Systems
7836 Jannatul Adan, Subir Majumder and Anurag K Srivastava. Distributed Optimization Approaches with Discrete Variables in the Power Distribution Systems
5003 Peter Chardavoyne, Allan Feygin, Uiliam Kutrolli and Zongjie Wang. Feasibility of Shiftable Loads: An Expansion of Deferrable Loads in Distribution Systems
Session 5C: Applications of Machine Learning in Power Systems (Session Chair: Dr. Yuanrui Sang, Room: Granite North)
8171 Arun Venkatesh Ramesh and Xingpeng Li. Machine Learning Assisted Model Reduction for Security-Constrained Unit Commitment
9502 Luis F. Garza and Paras Mandal. LSTM Based Hybrid Neural Network for PMU Data Forecasting and Anomaly Detection
7016 Maliha Mahazabeen, Ali Jafarian Abianeh, Shayan Ebrahimi and Farzad Ferdowsi. Performance Evaluation of an RL-Aided DAB-Based EV Charger Control
4318 Khalid Al Assaf, Abolaji Alimi and Karen Butler-Purry. Reducing Number of Communication Devices In Microgrids Using Machine Learning
3903 Yuhan Du, Meiyi Li, Javad Mohammadi, Erik Blasch, Alex Aved, David Ferris, Philip Morrone and Erika Ardiles Cruz. Learning Assisted Agent-based Energy Optimization: A Reinforcement Learning Based Consensus + Innovations Approach
Session 5D: Power Electronics Modeling and Control (Session Chair: Dr. Pierluigi Pisu, Room: Granite South)
7193 Hadis Hosseinpour, Tomislav Dragicevic, Mohammed Ben-Idris and Poria Fajri. Finite-set Model Predictive Control for a Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter in a Microgrid
130 Frank Miyagishima, Olga Lavrova, Matthew Reno, Javier Hernandez-Alvidrez, Sijo Augustine and Satish Ranade. Numerical Analysis of Traveling Waves in Power Systems with Grid Forming Inverters
4824 Ramkrishna Mishan, Joshua Olowolaju, Mohammed Ben-Idris and Hanif Livani. Angular Stability Analysis of Parallel Connected Grid-following PV Inverters
3662 Zhengyu Wang, Lingling Fan and Zhixin Miao. Stability Analysis of Oscillations in SVCs
9480 Huazhao Ding, Lingling Fan and Zhixin Miao. High-Frequency Oscillations in Grid-Connected Voltage-Sourced Converters
555 Alfredo Velazquez Ibañez, Juan R. Rodriguez Rodriguez, Mario R. Arrieta Paternina and German J. Carmona Paredes. Elimination of Circulating Currents in PV-Powered Charging Stations Through Dual Active Bridge Modulation
10:45 - 12:15 Session 6A: Reactive Power and Voltage Control (Session Chair: Dr. Gerald Heydt, Room: Alpine)
228 Jorge Luis Fernandez and Santiago Grijalva. Implicit Reactive Power Flow Representation to Support Distribution System DER Energy Scheduling
440 Rachid Darbali-Zamora, Samuel T. Ojetola, Felipe Wilches-Bernal and Jon C. Berg. Development of a Wind Turbine Generator Volt-Var Curve Control for Voltage Regulation in Grid Connected Systems
3886 Muhammad Sarwar, Amarsagar Reddy Ramapuram Matavalam and Venkataramana Ajjarapu. Characterization and Mitigation of Fault Induced Delayed Voltage Recovery with Dynamic Voltage Support by Hybrid PV Plants
815 Shayan Ebrahimi, S.M. Safayet Ullah and Farzad Ferdowsi. Adaptable Low-Cost Volt-VAR Control for Smart PV Inverters
4406 Julio Cesar Godinez Delgado and Aurelio Medina Rios. A method for the assessment of voltage sags in power systems based on sparse matrix factorization
Session 6B: Power Systems Optimization (Session Chair: Dr. Mojdeh Khorsand-Hedman, Room: Bonneville)
9279 Mario Daniel Baquedano-Aguilar, Nader Aljohani, Sean Meyn and Arturo Bretas. Implementational Aspects for the Characterization of Low-Inertia in Power Systems
3258 Diego Gandara, Paras Mandal, Venkatesh Venkataramanan and Manish Mohanpurkar. Integrated Resource and System Planning Based on Energy Costs and Emission Analysis for a Sustainable Future
1366 Anh Phuong Ngo, Christan Thomas, Hieu Nguyen, Abdullah Eroglu and Konstantinos Oikonomou. Evaluate Quantum Combinatorial Optimization for Distribution Network Reconfiguration
9937 Farnaz Safdarian, Jonathan Snodgrass, Ju Hee Yeo, Adam Birchfield, Carleton Coffrin, Chris Demarco, Stephen Elbert, Brent Eldridge, Tarek Elgindy, Scott L Greene, Nongchao Guo, Jesse Holzer, Bernard Lesieutre, Hans Mittelmann, Richard P O'Neill, Thomas J. Overbye, Bryan Palmintier, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Arun Veeramany, Terrence W.K. Mak and Jessica Wert. Grid Optimization Competition on Synthetic and Industrial Power Systems
Session 6C: Renewable Energy Systems II (Session Chair: Dr. Jianli Chen, Room: Granite North)
2621 Francisco Zelaya-Arrazabal, Jingzi Liu, Jin Zhao, Hector Pulgar-Painemal, Fangxing Li and Horacio Silva-Saravia. Data-driven adaptive dynamic coordination of damping controllers
4838 Mojtaba Ahanch, Mahdi Rouholamini, Roy McCann and Caisheng Wang. Performance Evaluation of Bifacial PV Systems in Distribution Networks Operation: A CVR Study Considering Smart PV Inverter Control
4925 Khalid Hurayb, Mahmoud Kabalan and Dagmar Niebur. Large-signal Stability Analysis of Grid-connected Droop-controlled Inverter with Saturable Power Controller
9582 Cunzhi Zhao and Xingpeng Li. A 100% Renewable Energy System: Enabling Zero CO2 Emission Offshore Platforms
Session 6D: Forecasting (Session Chair: Dr. Paras Mandal, Room: Granite South)
6014 Kwasi Opoku, Svetlana Lucemo, Qun Zhou Sun and Aleksandar Dimitrovski. A Bayesian Approach to Probabilistic Solar Irradiance Forecasting
2142 Joshua Olowolaju and Hanif Livani. Comparison of Machine Learning Models for Week-Ahead Load Forecasting in Short-term Power System Planning
6064 Asim Javed and Reza Derakhshani. Machine Learning Ensembles for Grid Congestion Price Forecasting
1438 Altan Unlu, Malaquias Peña Mendez and Zongjie Wang. Deep Learning Architectures for Solar PV Forecasting
428 Armando Y. Montoya and Paras Mandal. Day-Ahead and Week-Ahead Solar PV Power Forecasting Using Deep Learning Neural Networks
5191 Chenxu Zhang, Lin Gong, Yong Fu and Yehong Peng. Price Spike Classification and Regression Using A Hybrid Oversampling Method